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What I Did For Dinner

Well I’ve just got so much free time on my hands, I figured hey matthias why not start another project. Good idea matthias, what were you thinking? How about a writing project? Great idea! I’ve only got this weblog and my novel – I could definitely use another writing project! Perfect, let’s get started.

Without further ado then, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present… my dinner. I created this as a tongue-in-cheek response to the #1 question we get asked whenever we have company over for dinner, namely, “Do you eat like this all the time?” I’ve never known quite how to answer this… until now. Now you, and the entire rest of the world, can see for yourself, how I eat, all the time. Enjoy.

The Best Adventure

My last day at the office was October 24, so, when I go back tomorrow, I’ll have been out for 18 days. For most of those 18 days, my wife and I have been focused on moving, unpacking, settling in, feathering our nest, and attending to all the myriad little tasks and projects that keep popping up throughout this sort of undertaking. We’ve have seen many ups and downs, and we have ridden a rollercoaster of stress and excitement, but I have to tell you:

This has been one of the most exciting and wonderful periods of my life.

I feel a little like a motor that’s finally been installed in exactly the right machine. I love feeling our home come to life around me. I love the parts that are all mine (drilling! toolbox organization), and I love the parts we figure out together. E and I don’t always agree, but mostly we do, and even when we don’t, more than half the time, E’s ideas are better than my own.

But what’s even better than that is that the process of building a home from the blank slate of a new, empty condominium is a deep dive into what a marriage is, in microcosm. Marriage is an emotional and maybe even a spiritual home you build for each other, and now we have a physical home that we can call ours, and shape to our needs and quirks as we shape a marriage. It is the craftmanship of two people coming together, and the real-life work of fidelity and love carved into physical space. I’m happiest when my worldly actions propagate through multiple levels of metaphor, and building a home with my sweetie fits that bill better than anything I’ve ever known.

We’ve had a wonderful year with many adventures: trips to Florida, Indiana, and Missouri. Last year we went to Italy and we got married. Over the course of our five years together we’ve had multiple amazing adventures that I cannot imagine any single man can rightly say he outright deserves. I’m grateful for it all, but I’m most grateful for the past eighteen days. All this time with my favorite person, doing some of my favorite things, in a great new home, in a great new neighborhood… it’s all been pretty much perfect.

But all good things must come to an end, and tomorrow I head back into the office. Sure I have mixed feelings about it, but I also know that it’s because they have to end, that some of the good things are so good. So I’m ok with it, because I know that some other things won’t end: our marriage, our love, and the fun we have together. I’ll still get to come home every day to my best friend, and, some day, maybe soon, maybe later, we’ll have have another magnificent adventure together.

Peak Inefficiency

Everything’s gone as expected, and we closed the sale yesterday. We move in on Monday. We are excited, stressed, happy, and all sorts of things, but mostly excited. We’re about a third of the way through packing which is one super-inconvenient place to be. Enough stuff is in boxes to be disruptive to our natural lives, but not enough is packed to make room for all the stuff that’s in boxes. We are in a state of near peak inefficiency. Once Friday evening rolls around though, I’m off work for a couple weeks, so things should start moving a lot more quickly and easily.

Next time I write here, I’ll probably be blogging from our new pad! Wish us luck!

The Breeze Out Of Nowhere

Right now, the sun is shining and it’s 68°F outside. The humidity is pretty high, too, so once the day really warms up this afternoon, it’s going to feel downright muggy. This is the weather we enjoyed yesterday as well. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be stormy, but still warm. In fact, it’s supposed to get above 70° every day until Saturday. I’d say it feels like spring, except the light’s all wrong, and the smells are all wrong, and the trees are all wearing their fall jackets. This weather and light feels like one of those rare moments of alignment that lift one’s awareness up out of the ordinary just enough to realize that there’s nothing ordinary about the ordinary. Like when a summer storm stops just before sunset and the sun lowers in gold and orange below the cloud line and you feel like you can hear and feel and smell for the first time. Or when you wake up by accident just before dawn, and your window’s open and you hear the very first bird start to sing. You’re given this gift of realizing that the moment, any moment, this moment, every moment, has moment, is momentous.

This unexpected gift couldn’t come at a more welcome time. We’re now about twelve days out from Moving Day, and every little bit helps. As we start converting our home of the past three years into a warehouse for holding our stuff until the movers come, and we can’t remember where we packed things that we shouldn’t have packed yet, and as our home becomes an obstacle course, and as each free moment fills up our heads with thoughts of all the little details we need to remember not to forget, and as all these countless little stressors start piling up, it’s nice to have a few days where the sun is shining, we can have the windows open, and we can remember that sometimes, without any effort at all, some things can be as effortless and free as an unexpected warm breeze out of nowhere.


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