I just noticed that I haven’t really published a “what’s going on in my life” here since I returned to work after our relocation. So, like, mid-November. Awkwarrrrd. Sorry about that, but let me see if I can catch you up now… just in case, you know, you’ve been traveling the world, say, and missing out on the thrill-a-minute rollercoaster that is my exciting life.


* Had a birthday party, which you can actually read about on my other blerg.

* A few days after my own cuh-razy birthday party, we went to another friend’s birthday party, where I was caught completely off-guard when we ran into a friend of mine from college. So completely off-guard, in fact, that it took a fair amount of memory jogging before I remembered this former underclassperson. We didn’t hang out a whole lot together, but we did have a ton of friends in common, and she had an excellent memory for a couple of conversations we did have. This was a real treat for me, so much more satisfying than just re-connecting over Twitter or Facebook. Also met her sister, who was equally awesome.

* Thanksgiving happened, one of our favorite holidays, focused as it is on food, family, and friends. E and I were in charge of cooking for E’s family this year. Let’s just say that’s a work in progress, and I’m sure we’ll do better next year. We were trying to use up our final weeks of CSA vegetables, so maybe there were too many squashes and other starchy veggies. The pie was pretty great, though.


* Had a little housewarming party the first week of December. And by little I mean, I think we had about 60 people stop by. One of our bigger parties, to be sure, but much more manageable in our new space (which is way better laid out for entertaining), and also because it was a brunch party. We were done by 4, had time to clean up, and still feel like we had a little energy left, which is not what happens with night-time parties that end at 1:00AM. Great entertaining “stress test” for our new condo, and a great way to warm it up with conviviality and mirth. And bourbon, lots of that.

* Later that same week, we had a designer come by and talk about closets with us. She had some great ideas and was a breeze to work with. After a few hours, she had some CAD drawings and renderings for us to talk about, tweak, and, ultimately sign off on. We were unduly excited to get this project under way.

* Probably the biggest event of December was having my Indiana-based cousin and her new husband come visit and be houseguests for a few days, just before Xmas. We don’t all know each other very well, so this was a huge effort on their part to try and change that. We had many adventures, including introducing them to oysters, Taza chocolate, and Dali Restaurant, which they loved. E practiced her Hoosier fight chant, and we all did a LOT of walking. (Aside: Husband JW can’t be around cats, so we had to find a place to board her on relatively short notice, the search for which led me to rover.com – great website, and a great idea which I highly recommend checking out if you ever need pet care while traveling!)

* Christmas was pretty laid back and, like always, spent on the Cape. Ever been on the Cape in the winter? It’s verrrrry laid back. Not much going on at all. Which is a fine way to spend a long weekend, if you ask me. Poor E and her dad got very sick just before the holiday started though, so that was rough for them. E got me a fancy steel stand for use in the kitchen with my iPad, since I do so much cooking from recipes I display on it. A great gift!


* For New Year’s Eve we got totally hammered at a series of clubs on Lansdowne Street. No wait, just kidding. We actually went to bed early so we could get up and make a nice brunch for a few friends. We served homemade granola and cinnamon raisin bread, and an egg dish with black eyed peas and potatoes. Guests brought toasted citrus bean dip, home-made flatbread, roasted carrots with a tahini sauce, fruit and yogurt. Very nice, very cozy, and a warm and mellow way to ring in the new year.

* Have to call this out as a highlight: we discovered Market Basket. I mean, I’d been there before (E had not), but never for more than a couple items at a time, back when I lived closer to it. Now we’re close to it again, and, as long as we get there before the crowds do (so, prior to 9:30 am), it looks like it’s going to be our new favorite go-to for weekly shopping trips. Saving huge, huge, huge amounts of money over what were spending at Whole Foods.

* Another highlight, not just of January, but of our first winter in our new home: Jared the bartender at Kirkland Tap & Trotter. We’ve known each other since I worked with him when he was a student at MIT years ago, and now he’s married, so am I, and he’s moved on to his dream job. He always treats us super-well when we go there, and it’s a pleasure to watch a professional at work, doing something he loves. He’s been a big part of making our new neighborhood feel like home.

* Hard to believe I went to his 30th ten years ago already, but it must be so, because we went to NH to help Nick celebrate his 40th a couple weeks ago. Very, very different sort of party, I have to say. Lot less throwing up, for one thing. For another thing, his wonderful parents were at this one, which prompted E to make the spot-on observation, “It’s ok to invite your parents to your 40th. No one invites their parents to their 30th.” We stayed in NH overnight, and then the next morning met Nick and his parents for breakfast, which was probably the highlight of the trip. E and I both loved catching up with Nick’s family.

* Finally, last night, got our new closets installed. This weekend is going to be such an organizapalooza.

And that’s almost all there is to catch you up on! Not all of it, but enough for one blog post anyway!