I just noticed that the last time I had a “life update” here was January 23, a few days before life in Boston changed for the much, much snowier.  It’s funny now to go back and read that, and see that there isn’t even a single mention of the word “snow,” when snow has been the defining factor of our lives for lo these many days.  In case you missed what’s become national news at this point, we got four snow storms in three weeks, so much snow we’ve run out of places to put it, and so much snow that the MBTA has asked its riders to not expect things to be back to normal til mid-to-late March.  It’s the 3rd snowiest winter on record, a foot shy of #1, and 9 inches more than the next snowiest on the record that I remember, the winter of 2004-2005.   But, now, if I recall correctly, that winter of 2004-2005, the snow was actually spread out over a few months, which is a whole different ballgame from what we’re seeing now.

Before this winter, the snowiest I’d ever seen a city was when I visited Minneapolis in 1992, and even that was 10 inches under what we’ve seen in Boston over the past few weeks.  But it’s also much the same: every sidewalk is like a high-walled tunnel through the snow, only some of the streets are plowed, and about half the car owners have given up and just decided to wait til spring thaw to drive again.

Today though, it’s sunny, and I can almost imagine that my dream of growing a garden in our new backyard might actually be possible some day.  I’ve spent the past few weeks, powered by faith alone, drawing up plans, shopping for seeds, estimating the equipment and soil amendments I’ll need, consulting with my friend A., who, along with his wife, has been a backyard vegetable gardener for many years.  As I type this, I can hear the snow running to melt in all the gutters that surround me, a small happy song that promises that some day, we’ll be able to see the ground again, and maybe even see green again. And that maybe the hundreds of dollars I’m about to sink into this project won’t be in vain.

E. and I have both been seeing big work-life changes too, with her starting a new job completely, and mine seeing a radical overthrow of the comfortable old order and the installment of an experimental new order.  Both changes feel pretty huge, and we are both adjusting to the stresses that any big change brings on, while trying to focus on the positives that, again, any big change can come with: the possibilities, the opportunities.

But it’s not all snow and freeze, and life changes.  We also still have each other, and the happiness of our shared life together. We enjoy the winter because it makes our home-cooked meals that much cozier, and it makes snuggling up and watching TV shows together, that much snugglier.  We’ve also been fortunate to have been able to spend a lot of time with our mutual friends, including the illustrious, the inimitable, and indescribably insouciant Miss Fox, who was a wonderful and gracious houseguest of ours, oh, about 2 snowstorms ago. Which is the only way to count time here now, of course.

…annnnd I got a Playstation 4, so if you notice me blogging less, well, I won’t say it’s because of that, but yeah, maybe it’s because of that.